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An Oasis of Tranquility in an Increasingly Stressful World

Imagine being  warmly greeted and then ushered into a cozy area where a soothing foot bath enhanced by a unique blend of salts specifically blended to relax you, is awaiting. As you soak your feet, you are asked about any aches, pains or areas of stress to be addressed in your session. All this happens even before you are treated to a luxurious massage and balancing treatment.

Welcome to THE HEALING SPACE of Medway.

Barbara Cappadona is the sole proprietor of THE HEALING SPACE. Her artful application of holistic massage and energy healing, complemented by the restful, non-threatening environment of THE HEALING SPACE quickly reenergizes you, while at the same time providing a valuable new sense of peace, comfort, and well-being.

Through each session at THE HEALING SPACE, Barbara strives to guide you ever closer towards the attainable goal of balancing the healing needs of your physical body with those of your spiritual and intellectual self.

Life promises all of us a continuing journey of discovery and enlightenment. Barbara’s mission is to offer you heart-centered assistance that will help find you a smoother, less stressful life path . . . a more pleasant and wondrous path upon which the guideposts are Barbara’s unique blend of humor, joy, humility, and compassion.

Barbara, a graduate of the Polarity Realization Institute, Westboro, MA, is certified in holistic and deep tissue massage, and advanced polarity therapy.  She has additional training in Soft Tissue Active Recovery Technique (STAR Tech®), orthopedic massage and pain management, myoskeletal alignment techniques, mature scar tissue release, cancer massage, and lymph drainage therapy.  Barbara is a former faculty member of Spa Tech Institute, Westboro, MA where she taught a variety of massage techniques and theory.

THE HEALING SPACE welcomes clients of all ages, from children to the elderly. Holistic massage and energy healing are complementary to other healing arts, including Western medicine.


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