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"I needed to recharge myself to get beyond my stress. A friend referred me to Barbara and recommended that polarity therapy might give me the boost I needed. She has helped me create a balance within myself that I haven't had for some time. I definitely feel happier and more balanced."
Cathy Penabad, Hyde Park, MA

"I had difficulty positioning my right arm over my head and behind my back. After a few massage sessions with Barbara, followed up with home exercises, I could lift my arm above my head and place it behind my back. The range of motion is much more than I expected"
Beatrice Sittler, Holliston, MA

"I was dealing with depression and stress from infertility treatments. Barbara helped me by facilitating deep healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. Her polarity treatments were deeply relaxing. Her spiritual insights were stress-relieving, and, happily, after a few treatments with Barbara, my husband and I were expecting. Our work then shifted to supporting a healthy pregnancy!"
Patty, Holliston, MA

"A trusted friend referred me to Barbara for massage therapy to relieve lower back pain. Eventually I began regular polarity treatments to help with some life issues. I find peace and relaxation with Barbara. I can't say enough about the benefits. I feel more centered, I can focus on what is important in my life, and I can handle stressful situations better."
Nicholas Marchionda, Roslindale, MA

"I started going to Barbara for my sinuses, but learned that polarity therapy would also benefit my mental and spiritual health. I have seen great results. My issue with asthma and sinusitis is often linked with my stress level. While I have had few sinus problems since seeing Barbara, I continue to work with her to combat the underlying stress. Thanks to her, I can manage my life better and am happier all around."
Name Withheld by Request

"I was suffering from persistent back and left shoulder pain. Barbara applied a combination of massage, holistic, and polarity therapy to help me with pain relief and connectedness. I never leave a session unsatisfied. I always feel more whole, as if she has helped put me back together."
Mary Ellison, Hopkinton, MA

"Barbara's polarity therapy services exceeded my expectations. She is down to earth, a great listener, compassionate, and very dedicated to her work. With Barbara's help, I have become more confident in the choices I make regarding my career, family, social life, and spiritual life. I feel more balance in my day-to-day life."
Anne Brosnan, Walpole, MA

"I wanted to unblock my creative energy, and polarity therapy was recommended. I also found that Barbara could help me with my sinus problems and seasonal allergies. Together, we have worked on releasing my creative blocks and on managing the sinus problems. Today, I feel more focused and confident. Regarding my allergies, I am amazed at the dramatic improvement. My consumption of medication was greatly reduced. I was not symptom-free, but had noticeably fewer and less severe headaches than before."
Claire Murphy, Framingham, MA


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